Plant Sperm

I am having an awful reaction to the pale yellow pollen that dusted the trash cans, rained from the trees like gold satisfaction to just-waking bees while I can’t help but sneeze. Spring is a season of subtle disease and slow-working poisons I taste when I breathe and feel harbored in chests and throats when I leave. If you were real, I promise you’d see – a picturesque day brings me to my knees in a sputtering mess of mucus and tears – all that claritin I’ve held onto for years is gone and I want it to rain.

When I was little, something like this happened. The doctor flipped over my arms and then stabbed them with needles containing various samples – pollen from trees, mold from vents, dust from mantles – and watched as little bumps started to form. They were itchy and red and ugly and warm and I remember hoping it’d rain.


~ by perfectionatrix on April 20, 2011.

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