Our Heros Encounter the Wolf

Is found suddenly among the trees where the thick red leaves bleed and eaves are formed like bits of darkness. There’s a starkness to the scene, like we have just arrived to see the last hot panting breath that marks the final plunge into the dark. And in your parka, you are breathing strangely – short, raspy breaths – less like a girl and more a baby sucking sharply and then wincing. And then doing it again. I am convincing, if not honest – trying not to find what haunts this strange and still part of the woods. But you really do look good and there are only two more hours before the sun will rise, wreaking havoc on the darkness and then rendering us blind and all the spiders will be sleeping and the snakes will hide all day. So now while we still have secrets let’s invite them out to play

is running, following behind you running blind without a mind is being chased is being followed can’t slow down – will overtake


~ by perfectionatrix on April 4, 2011.

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