Coalition error? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised. Can you picture the terror as the planes streaked through the sky and then dropped heavy black somethings – you were stopping to think, what things? – And then they landed and exploded and the air was filled with screams. Meanwhile villages are traded like monopoly properties – to put it only a touch more properly, some people want things so bad they’re not stopping until there’s no homes and no legs and no lights and no tired soliders to go into the night gently and retire to horny wet wives that missed their men, no time to just stop and think – what was it again that has kept us awake? Exactly for who’s so important sake are we here when we could meet up and go grab a beer instead? Let’s take a night off from ending made plans. I mean honestly, christ is no place safe to stand?


~ by perfectionatrix on April 2, 2011.

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