Emergency Landing in the South Atlantic

Obviously promises are time-sensitive documents and generally meaningless, a mock statement of drama which is only ever offered from a place of desperation – maybe guilt for extra points, a subtle hint of indignation – but nonetheless, so worthless the house still won’t take your bet that this promise this time is true. You might as well try to turn red to blue.

Even now, you are inflected strangely – a reference point that as of lately serves no use, deserves no footnote – is neither cure nor antidote – just a person that I wrote in hopes that you may save me. Lately, I can start to see how crazy – I was making myself lazy and using you for escaping, thinking that you were worth thanking and that the fact of your not staying was the why for I was laying all around all of the time.

Oh, I’m sure it’s here somewhere – that one thing in me that used to care. It’s either downstairs or in a closet, under a bed or else I’ve padlocked it away and forgotten the old combination – some dirt on your face, or your radio station – whatever it was, it’s now just a dull faint hum.

~ by perfectionatrix on March 31, 2011.

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