A Boxing Kangaroo

I am gin soaked and surrounded in smoke. My teeth are sharpened, features darkened – left my nice words in my coat and packed my pockets full of twenties to be used at my discretion. I am so smooth I am deadly, pure adrenaline suspension and beyond your comprehension. I suppose that I should mention that I cannot stay this evening. There are far too many unlocked rooms the night has left for thieving, and just as many girls who’d let me steal them for the weekend – but I have hours to grant you now while my hair’s still a bit damp. We can talk or sing to records, we can shake our hips and stamp around the living room all night until the neighbor says shut up. We’ll shut it off, I’ll drop you off, I’ll leave you not getting enough. I am engineered precision – a man of purposes and missions. You are simply long division that only takes a minute to figure out and which is why I cannot stay tonight.


~ by perfectionatrix on March 29, 2011.

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