Cough Drops

We met first in Europe – I think it was Prague. She was surrounded by drunk horny slobs and I was all liquored and thought, what the hell. She thanked me and brought me back to her hotel where we grabbed some more drinks and headed upstairs and made coffee and talked about styles of hair and new genres of music and what we were doing with strangers this late on a Tuesday.

She appears – naked, and tells me she’ll make it so that I will never love ever again. I only pretend I agree and only so she’ll keep creeping forward on her hands and knees like a stalking panther, pulling my jeans from my legs to a pile of clothes in the corner. I accept all – do not choose to warn her the curtains are in no way blocking the window. I know she won’t mind if we do let the world know – I throw her around the bed like a towel – she claws at my back in the night like an owl;

we both fall asleep as soon as we’re finished.


~ by perfectionatrix on March 14, 2011.

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