You can hear the ants here – an awful drummy sound. To think – if you should fall they’d steal your weight from the soft ground and carry you through brambles over packed inches of leaves (the first time in a while that you’ve stared up at the trees) and all around you – buzzing footsteps, many millions marching forward. So many, it just must mean something, each perfect line moves towards the huge mounds they’ve constructed from the pale and sandy earth, with the untired hardened backs of thousands serving as your hearse and they will bring you where it’s dark and cool – deep deep underground. And you could scream but there is something in the buzzing of their sound that cancels out any stray noise – and besides, all the boys didn’t notice you were missing and are miles away by now. And the ants will serve you dinner and take you to cheap bars and set you up with their brothers and let you borrow their cars but you are not allowed to go back to the sunny surface yet. You must pacify the ants, and you must promise not to let that awful sound settle in your ears – that awful massive hum. The ants will tempt you nightly with warm condoms and spiced rum but please always remember you are never one of them.


~ by perfectionatrix on March 2, 2011.

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