The Amazon

Once was a world where I nearly resided – feverishly relied on my phone every night to reach points of calm entry (“It’s okay; someone sent me”) and get enough facetime to prevent them from forgetting – for some reason, however, the transition or change though it came close chose instead to remain an unrealized idea that I daydreamed of lots-  a camelot found then a paradise lost and I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I shall never go back.

If you believe in parallel worlds, I think that there’s one where a bright pretty girl was convinced by a boy who possessed my name that their steps and their thoughts and their wants moved the same and if she had nothing else to do – stay. After all, the trees will all be gone one day – might as well get there with someone who cares (with botanical extracts enriching her hair).

Some say the tribe no longer exists, that contact was last made by a famous Swiss explorer named Jensen who neglected to mention who beautiful they were.


~ by perfectionatrix on March 1, 2011.

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