Practical Mythology

Somebody drowned at night in a sea that once kept a king from a beautiful queen. It was a boy (they found out months later), a boy whose blue lungs wouldn’t inflate nor would his pruned hands answer a grip. The girl who found him pressed her lips to his lips even though he was already lost. She said it was something to send him off. I spent three hours thinking of this. It really means nothing, it was just a kiss but it made me feel different to know it exists – somewhere, such a love that the most potent drugs are comparatively nothing but annoying.

In the story, the king wrote his love many letters of how he desired her, the riches he’d get her, the faraway lands they could quietly settle. But she never once answered him – not one lite word. And when the day came that the lovely queen heard of the death of a king from across the sea, the pretty queen dropped to her unskinned knees and cried and didn’t eat for weeks.


~ by perfectionatrix on February 8, 2011.

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