A Sleepy Drowsy Tired Girl

Girl with sleepy puppy eyes I only see at offhand times – what is making you so tired? You deserve to be admired, commemorated / celebrated, idealized and elevated far above this sprawling mess of bad drivers and morning tests. Several times I’ve seen you less than exhausted, so I thought it was a temporary precaution but your eyes are weighed down so often, I cannot be sure. You are blurred, mostly, in the moments when we meet when you have waved from a toyota or I’ve wandered down your street with a 5-pack that I brought you (or would have, if I had caught you before you had gone to sleep. You must have lots and lots of dreams). I have two dreams that I keep in a desk drawer but they creep out when I write or think of you or drink a few or go to sleep. Sleepy girl, I sleep a lot but in your contrast I am not so somnolescent as I now realize I think I always thought. But I do want you – if you’re lucid. I will try and be the same. We can sleep a little later, we could do great things today. But you are still weary and tired and I’ll say I understand because even though I don’t I know my words have no command, my idle thoughts will not persuade you that your eyes look better wide, my skinny body won’t convince you to stay by my side so goodnight, sleep tight. Lock up, eat right. Vitamins and prayers. I wish you’d be around tonight.

~ by perfectionatrix on February 5, 2011.

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