7,000 Kazakhs in Uralsk

Cannot keep the Kazakhs waiting, not when they are out there, hanging onto every word I write. They read them to their kids at night which yes I of course thought was strange but anything to earn a name… At any rate, they think the date is set in stone and my soft bones can’t think to disappoint them, it’s late enough in every home to know I should do more and so thank god for caffeine and restless legs and twitching feet. The Kazakhs lay in ruins and there’s more maidens to meet but they will get their finished product, if it kills me oh I swear. They will get to read each page, fix their eyes down with a stare that says dinner will be after we pore through this a bit more. If you’re really hungry you can drive yourself down to the store. Cannot keep them waiting. Cannot let them sit. Cannot have the Kazakhs question the nature of the gift.


~ by perfectionatrix on February 2, 2011.

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