Diurnal creatures – I hope I do not wake you. Soon the sun will rise and then its loving light will take you gently back from where you landed, from whatever shores you stand in – if you’ve heard me, then I’m sorry; please get back while you still can.

For now, it is so quiet. It is so beautifully still. The cars rest in the driveways, the frost clings to the hills and freezes spiderwebs that probably took the spiders several weeks to build, and so they throw their many arms up and exhale a vapor sigh. They crawl back under the covers and do not let you see them cry. The clouds have long since cleared and the stars look fit to count, but even if I got a figure there is still no one around to help me verify the number and so really what’s the use? I cannot wait til the sky’s certain black gives way to blues and purple wavelengths cut with orange and the absence of the moon but I will certainly be sleeping under thick black heavy ropes by then so when it happens truly nobody will know.


~ by perfectionatrix on January 24, 2011.

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