Jewel Toned

Forgive my indiscretion – I will let you keep your heaven or your hell or awkward limbo, let you leave your arms akimbo while you yell at me for drinking in the daytime. I’ve been thinking that I thought we could have playtime and a couple hours later I’d commemorate your flavor with a few trite rhyming lines or pencil sketch of bedroom times but that is not the way things happen. At least, not how I imagine. I won’t call you when I’m sober but you are still welcome over any weeknight after hours for cheap tv or showers. Thus, proposed: an invitation. I’ve got couches in the basement you can sleep on if you’re nervous about some of the things you’ve heard if you have talked to my past clients. Note: I never once denied it – and each memory’s still sacred (some things are too good to fake). If you are lonely, I could take it on my skinny bony shoulders, call her your name as I hold her and know you are somewhere staring at a bright electric screen. It doesn’t mean a thing.


~ by perfectionatrix on January 20, 2011.

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