A Soporific Girl

I feel under-used, under-pressured, perceptive enough to suggest her drive home now wouldn’t be safe because we’re drunk and it is late. And she’s receptive – thinks it’s best if there is someone warm to rest with and I’m all too happy to provide one more excuse to stay inside, to sense the world but choose to hide in drunken bliss on weekend nights. And then she is whispering, please me, from under my covers. I turn off the tv and take to her lips like a long lost first lover, returned from the dead or some strange war-torn country, back to reclaim all the lost love she owes me.

Sometimes, she’ll surprise by being at my side when I wake in the night, all thirsty and dry. She sleeps on her back with one arm linked with mine and when I rise to get water, her sleeping face smiles.


~ by perfectionatrix on January 10, 2011.

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