The Blue Pony

Nobody thinks of someone that’s like me – of how I would feel or if I would lead. No, everyone is instead soundly asleep and probably by now, knee deep in dreams. I am not – I am hot because I’m wearing my jacket inside. I just smoked, but I for some reason couldn’t decide what to do with myself and I sat on the couch. The jacket is on, the muzzle’s on my mouth. I wish somebody would think of me at the very least – let them picture me as paltry or better yet – a beast with serious black hair and sharpened canine teeth. Nobody longs to be beneath my slender coughing-hardened form, nobody’s thinking of the babies that could possibly be born. I’m torn by feelings of obscurity and scarcely concealed lust. Nobody ever thinks of me but one day somebody must.

~ by perfectionatrix on December 30, 2010.

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