Asleep at Dawn

Someone better hurry up and hit the reset button ’cause I’m already late and my pockets’ got nothing but a few loose coins and a girl’s phone number  ’cause if you want girls to want you then you have to act dumber than a magazine ad that looked like her dad. You gotta act dumb about what’s in the bag so she’ll take it out and show you while you act like you don’t know you are playing this oh so well.

Your analysis? Urinalysis – get dialysis and go ask Alice, it’s not from malice we envy palaces, drinking wine from golden chalices and beating drums with platinum mallets. We got empty bottles and cans of Full Throttle, we got expired cartons of milk and cottage cheese – it means there’s things to clean and places where I’d rather be.

I dare you to try to buy from my guy. He’s got such good stuff that you’ll want to die when you think of how much you just paid for less. My guy is my guy because he’s the best – nothing less, I suspect.

~ by perfectionatrix on December 17, 2010.

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