You Nvrlkdgood

Oh, my! I am obsessive. I am so under-protective that I let my loves slip through my fingers and lament it on a blog that I set up that nobody even reads but I am all about myself, and I guess it was just greed that made me knead you through my fingers like a fist of folded dough and ask you early in the evening if it’s cool if I just go because nobody understands it – each time they are all new. Each curve or lip or edge or seam is first pulled into view by eager eyes of mine that wonder why I’ve never seen such sights. We often settle for the darkness, but we’re young enough that lights still accentuate our bodies, built through strict diets and hobbies – still not believing that she wants me – I fake it like a girl and she clenches her muscles fondly.

~ by perfectionatrix on November 16, 2010.

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