A Pre-Cambrian Specimen

Little skeleton shaped bodies better tell me that they want me to haunt them at morning coffee after I spend the night over. Afterwards, sprawled on cool clover, thinking of the things I told her, we will compare feet and hands – minuscule palms dwarfed by man’s – let her laugh let me understand that I am lately swallowed too – imprisoned, accumulating blue, never once speaking the truth and after all this, what’s the use?

Little baby fossil girl with skinny jeans and curly hair – I’m telling you it isn’t fair that I have nights when you’re not there. I could study how you speak, peek at you while you’re asleep, quiet enough that when I creep to you you only smile and sigh, thin lids laid on glassy eyes, make-up smudged and long hair wild.


~ by perfectionatrix on November 12, 2010.

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