Some brilliant kid in London did that first but only better. In Dusseldorf a group of guys brought influences together to make something that seemed new until a really quick week later, and were replaced by a Chinese girl who added her own fresh flavor to make something more exciting – of course, the British kids are fighting to be first to post the album on a legally gray blog. There’s no reason to doubt them when they say the new sound bogs down in ambience and ether – to be rescued by the speaker – a pretty Chinese girl with bangs and a line of custom sneakers. No one did anything first but everyone would love to meet her. I thought I might be the greatest once – it’s funny, but I did when I would write my two page tales of vampires and kids who always had my name and always acted as I would – cool, perhaps withdrawn, fundamentally good.


~ by perfectionatrix on November 10, 2010.

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