Esoteric Paper

I felt my eyes shimmer like a plane of the sine curve; I felt my thoughts murmur, displaced and unnerved. Anything that works works by changing the eyes – the aspect ratio, the contrast, the size – and this is in turn taken into the mind, which quite confused, tries its best to justify why I should be seeing walls breathing and the parabolic ceiling, which, by and by, causes epiphanies of meaning through both nausea and distraction, and thus ecstasy’s an action of a conscious mind knowing that it might well throw up soon.

It is thoroughly linked to – I did not blink; I do not think I even thought of you at all. Instead, I watched horizons curve, saw ineffable walls, chased fox tails of my errant thoughts, analyzed the cost of selling surplus souls for profit, provided that one had the souls. Meanwhile my eyes were beating, each quick pulse before my heart’s.  I felt my eyes shimmer, in the dimmer dimmer dark as they probed harder into absence, cutting shapes out of the ink then went to sleep.

~ by perfectionatrix on October 23, 2010.

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