The Exact Location of Everything

The world has always existed, I swear. The mountains and oceans have always been there and that’s why I can’t help but feel I don’t matter to any of this – after Friday comes Saturday, after the forest comes sand and then water, after the son comes the all-holy father and if I weren’t here the world would continue to toss and to turn and to glint in the rearview. Once, I knew where everything was and I found what I wanted and found it because I was happily nothing, dust in the air – too naive to notice and too stoned to care. Now I get caught up on things that she said and whose perfume lingers in whoevers bed and then I get high so I won’t get upset. I get high, I get high and I try to forget where everything goes / where everything went.


~ by perfectionatrix on October 10, 2010.

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