Red Handed!

One day, I’ll get caught – I mean, caught one again and I’ll make my dumb face, scrunch my eyes up, pretend that I did nothing wrong, at least didn’t intend to require a need to make this speech again – to see on your face the opinions of friends who say you should’ve left me some bottles ago, you should go out on fridays and let your hair grow down the flat of your back like the way that you won’t as long as there’s fuck-ups like myself to catch doing things that I shouldn’t, things I know you wouldn’t even dream of doing in secret.

I’ll only seem hurt because I’m shocked that you learned. I’ll only seem sad because I’m genuinely mad at myself for making you deal with my shit when you should remain uncomplicated because I liked that best in you when we met: I had just thrown up on the sidewalk cement and you’d come outside to accompany friends and watch uninterested, them burn cigarettes.

~ by perfectionatrix on September 3, 2010.

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