1976 Stock File Footage

It was a high stakes game in an opium den. I had by then fallen in love with the sister of a friend of a lower level drug lord who liked poppy plants and bets so I had wagered for some honor, some idea of pleasing fathers that got lost in the translation but I know something of daughters so I played him in a match of pong and kept my fingers steady. There are moments that I know that I could handle – I was ready and I thought of lovely lids with bright accents of color that make each moment seem just slightly fuller than the dullness that surrounds the cities, growing in the fields. I did not think of cycles, nutrients, sunlight or yield and I won 6 straight sets at cost, filling each rest with half-shots of plastic bottle gin that my lover’s brother bought. Now I have had nearly as much fun as I could hope to have so can we please go home? I’m tired, and no, quiet does not mean mad.


~ by perfectionatrix on May 30, 2010.

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