Have I Been Off Lately, or What?

I am only happy in the strict service of others; I want to deny myself the familiarities of lovers and instead keep moving until my slender chicken legs collapse, til the heat they give off burns so hot my body turns to ash and I am scattered snorted smoked again through dented cola cans or carried by the current over strange interesting lands where I should’ve left some stories for the locals to pass on – some ladykilling glories to pass hours before dawn. I realize when I step backwards from the structure I’m within that I am wholly miserable and low and stupid high and don’t fit in to cookiecutter categories, maybe mostly – never all. Maybe if I had your number I’d get drunk enough to call you just before I watch my streaming videos from shady sites, where after you’re as interesting as one million dust mites.

~ by perfectionatrix on April 11, 2010.

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