How the Other Half Lives

Being phoneless today implies isolation, being unable to fashion a statement like “meet me at nine” or “you’re on my mind.” The world, it seems, has been redesigned so voices are near wherever one is. Boys call their dealers, moms call their kids to make sure they’re okay and so they can say to go to sleep early, tomorrow’s a big day.

But when I leave the house, I go on my own, realizing fully just how alone a person can get on a sidewalk that’s wet, pockets devoid of a signal to send.

At night, it gets worse. It does start to hurt. Convenience becomes something of a curse to those who can’t receive – I mean people like me – who hear only the cracking and crunching of leaves instead of the clinical sounds of a ring vibrating through bones and chattering teeth.

But I made adjustments on how to proceed. Without live contact, I have certain needs that have to be filled: like where we will meet, the time to show up and if I should eat before I get dressed and then finally leave.


~ by perfectionatrix on April 10, 2010.

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