Deposit Insurance

Sooner or later, the bank will be open sometime when I am and I’ll go, check in hand, and I will demand that it all be put somewhere thoughtful, where the fact that I’m terribly awful at not wasting bucks on booze or brunettes will not stop me from buying cigarettes after long nights of drinking on God’s resting day – someplace that is virtuous, holy, and safe. Sooner or later, I’ll stop them all flat – dead in their tracks, asking how it is that someone so young and so bright as myself could be so put together, needing neither help nor handouts from parents in neighboring counties to flock to on holidays, hoping the bounty is worth being sober or gone from your friends. No, it isn’t that dire but I like to pretend as a way of providing some contrast to life, and on evenings like this when the temperatures right around “inside of house” and the difference is slight, you were rapid and squishy and heavy and light. When the bank hours suit me, I’ll take you to the movies. I’ll fly you to cities, pack your purse full of fifties and never ever ever ever stop loving you.


~ by perfectionatrix on April 10, 2010.

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