Stirring Spoons

Artificial sweetener tastes better in the summer, when the little kids are shirtless and the highways smell like rubber long into the mouth-breathed nights before fading into dew, dampening my sleeves, bringing spiderwebs to view as they are dressed in polar compounds, and await the light to dry. They taste like artificial lemons with a hint of processed lime, like the drink that I just poured you in your kool-aid rebate glass. I know you don’t like ice because you like to down it fast and sure enough before I set my lighter back down on the table, you had handed me your glass and started walking towards to the neighbors. Sometimes you taste artificial, like something in magazines. Sometimes you coat my tongue; sometimes I brush you off my teeth. But you are better when its warmer and more pleasure can be drawn from sources other than the TV and my pinned-and-needled arms like putting blankets onto fairways and drinking beer outside. I can overlook the sweetener in both your glass and smile because it’s beautiful.


~ by perfectionatrix on April 1, 2010.

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