Devourer of Hearts

This is my method for breaking girls’ hearts – time tested, perfected in oyster shell bars: do not warm up and do not get close. Demand, don’t respond, to her after class notes. Be the same striking figure that first caught her eye. Punctuate her details with disappointed sighs. Kick her out of your room before noon the next day. Don’t tell her you don’t plan to show for your date. Don’t answer her calls, say your phone died. Then text that girl with the Muscovy eyes in front of the girl that you don’t want around. Act like, when you’re with her, you’re being tied down – but above all don’t say anything that you’ve felt. Don’t let her become a part of your self. Make her see it’s her and you can’t be tamed. Do not turn your head as she’s screaming your name on a street filled with people you’ve seen on your walks. Do not consent to the serious talks her mom made her ask for (oh boy was she brave). Act all the while like you’re trying to save some semblance of dignity, candor, or grace and do not cry when you look at her face, at the skin you once kissed on the neck that you bit, at the style you’ll miss, at her drunk party fits when you know you were happy without chemicals. One must never cry when looking at girls.


~ by perfectionatrix on March 25, 2010.

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