Ennui, Ennme, Enneux

There is nothing new; I mean, there is nothing happening. The purpose of these minutes is for the effect of establishing some base point so that later when I’m jumping from a building and the spectators are joking how ‘it’s not that fall that killed him‘ we can all take that small moment to reflect on bored-er hours spent collecting dust and resin to be washed off in the showers that should not be braved alone but this is no longer now. A shower’s still a shower even if there’s not a crowd, will write the papers in the summer to be read with lemonade. I know you had to leave but I wish you would’ve stayed because I am not much of a soldier; I have never thrown a punch. You have tranquilized me lover; left me utterly stunned.


~ by perfectionatrix on February 15, 2010.

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