When I woke up this morning, it just was me. It wasn’t my hands or eyelids or feet and even my heart kept a different beat. And last night I remember a few beers, some shots. Threw up on some fence all the pills I just bought. Coming up was too much, too good, too strong. And we walked to the water, where people belong. I snapped you a picture from out on the pier – the reflection of light on the water was clear like crystals and diamonds, carbon and sirens, oceans of water and four alarm fires. I never sent you the picture that night. So late, it was early – it didn’t feel right. But it’s still on my phone and I thought you should know that I’d rather have you than doses or rolls.

Naked on your bed, the light filters red. Our breaths synchornize for a moment and then I need you again and again and again. Same stars overhead, but no rooms of red. And I need you again and again and again.

~ by perfectionatrix on February 7, 2010.

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