A Fever Dream

In a fever dream I had one night, I felt her teeth in every bite. I recalled her from fevers before, rugburned knees on carpet floors and sweat – above all else, the sweat – like liquid sheets that always let my hands pass through to textures smooth in every space, graceful and doomed.

Rubbed out like sleep when I came back, the memories turned sharply black and I couldn’t think of her face or the salty way she tastes or what I call her (not her name) or why I always have to wake. The best bed is six feet of dirt where after long, my head won’t hurt. I’m sick of vitamins and tea, men sticking needles into me. I met her in a fever dream; my roommates said they heard me scream. They came and found me underneath a heavy crust of wrinkled sheets.

Oh please, don’t find me anymore.


~ by perfectionatrix on February 7, 2010.

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