Half-Blank Girls

Half-blank girls with half-closed eyes are half-asleep on half-made minds. I meant to not think of their legs or how their lips in darkness beg for something beyond science fiction. Half-filled out trial prescriptions, each one feeling like a cure. Each one feeling like that her that outshines every other glow. Half-blank girls with half lit smokes they bummed from me so that I’d know that half-blank girls have half-baked thoughts of half-mast flags that I am caught upon and calling out nicknames to half-blank girls who never save but only languish while they lay so beautiful on beds I made this morning for them in the shade of morning before first light broke, finding her things in my coat, girls I can’t seem to let go of.

Half-blank girls with half-closed eyes are floating on the walls, corners streaked like night headlights, hands and voices small as they extend themselves towards me and whisper, aren’t I interesting? Half-blank girls with soft black hair and thoughts of wedding rings that will be given when I’ve left them (I am temporary) but I just want one half-blank girl that I can half-sing my songs to. I want a half-blank girl that looks exactly just like you.

~ by perfectionatrix on December 28, 2009.

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