piqueniquer on saturday

So captured, my captor, I can’t be detained. I have reasons to give but no time to explain there’s a balcony up there; they’re calling my name. They’re saying the syllables once more again and I’ve spent all this time trying to read your mind. Now that you’re unlocked, I don’t want you for mine and you must’ve seen: I’m a twice flawed design. I’m a point, you’re a point. But we don’t make a line, we make arguments treated with silence. We hang on like raindrops on lashes and lids and cry to each other like spoiled young kids. Really, before you plan your next attack, I’m taking my knife from its place in your back. You were too much darkness, more shadow than fact. More whispers and rumors than things that come true, gifted with needles, solid at the screw. I’ve got new faces to forget your face to. Pretty girls to kiss, busy streets to cruise. I can’t have your chains ’round my wrists anymore. All this misery is becoming a bore and you’re only calling because you want to score. That’s funny, it is. I feel you, I swear. I find we work best the times when you’re not there, and I know that you don’t and I’d sure love to care but I don’t and I won’t – get your hands off my throat. This is final, I’m finished. I’m getting my coat.


~ by perfectionatrix on January 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “piqueniquer on saturday”

  1. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

    • Well with whichever way you started your day, I hope reading helped in some small little way!

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